Billing Work Flow

I've always been curious about what work flow people have for billing. I know there are many great programs and online solutions. My work flow is always changing, so I need flexible tools. I prefer software-based solutions rather then web-only based solutions because the software solutions can be integrated with the OS better. I'm often on location and need to be able to access information when I don't have an internet connection. I use Blinkbid for my contacts, estimates and invoices.

I use


for my calendar along with OX server to host my own

iCal server

. This allows me to add and edit the calendar from all my computers and from my iPhone. The other thing I've found really useful about iCal is keeping track of billing. In the notes area of every job on the calendar I add the date when I invoiced the client and when payment was received. I also add a link to the original email that was sent and attach a copy of the invoice.

During the project I need to keep track of expenses that will help me when invoicing the client. For this I use


. I have a job log in Evernote that my assistant or I can fill out. The great thing about Evernote is that I can edit the job log from my iPhone, web or a desktop client.

When I'm on location I use

Scanner Pro

on my iPhone to add receipts. Scanner Pro then sends the receipts to Evernote. It makes adding receipts fun and easy.

After everything is billed and payment is received I use


to keep track of everything for the accountant.