iPhone Photo Apps Revisited

If you're like me, you can never have too many camera apps. I'm always asked what my favorite photo apps are. Here's a run down on some of my favorite and some that I'm just trying out. PictureShow

Picture show is my favorite photo app. If I could only have one photo app this would be it. It has so many great customizable effects from very basic to crazy. With PictureShow, you have total control of your the outcome of your image.


This is my seconded favorite app. It has really nice effect and borders. What I don't like is you can't import a photo into the app. I put up with this because the app is fast and processes in the background so you can keep taking photos. It also has some nice photo taking tools like a level.


This app excels at changing the color of your photo. It makes the photos look amazing. Another plus for this app is that you can import a photo from your iPhone library. I wish this app had an option for a basic white border and an option to bypass the "lab" developing gimmick. It's cool the first few times seeing the mixture of chemicals in the darkroom but sometimes you just want the results instantly.

Cross Process

When I need a quick, good looking photo with out having to think about settings I use this app. It's made by the makers of Shake It Photo.


This app lets you make small posters. Who doesn't like to make posters. It comes with lots of templates that have customizable text.


Normally I use this app in-conjunction with another app. It has a lot of flare options to choose from.


Not only is this app free, it has great effects and borders. It also has a built in social network just for sharing the photos you take. The one negative, and this is a big one for me, is the files are small. If they add support for full size output, I would use this app much more.


When I first got this app I used it all the time. I still like the results but I don't like how long the whole process takes. I would use this app much more if I could import photos from the iPhone library. That being said, the results from this app are like no other.

Camera +

This app was recently redone and much improved. The big feature of this app is that you can take a photo with the focus point and the exposure points separated. It also has nice borders and effects.


Snow in San Francisco, crazy. This app is all about the effects, some unique like this snow effect. It's not a "Go-to" app. It's more of a secondary app that you mess with if you want to explore options for your image.

Pro Camera 3.0

Has a nice collection of camera tools for taking photo and video like a level, split focus and exposure. You can use a photo taken by the app or from the iPhone library to apply effects.

100 Cameras in 1

I downloaded it hoping for lots of cool effects but most of them are like a rusted piece of metal superimposed onto the image. I wasn't very happy with this app and do not plan on using it any further. The 100 cameras can be narrowed down to 10 cameras.


IncrediBooth is made by the same folks as Hipstamatic. The effects are done really well. It only uses the front-facing camera but that's all I need it for. My kids and I love it. If you prefer to use the back camera, then try Pocketbooth but I don't think the output is as nice.